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Aug. 21 Canton Scrimmage Canton TBA
Aug. 28 Balko- Forgan Away 7:00
Sept. 4 Open
Sept. 11 Pond Creek- Hunter Away 7:00
Sept. 18 Turpin Home 7:00
Sept. 25 Sharon-Mutual* Away 7:00
Oct. 2 Geary * # Home 7:00
Oct. 9 Corn Bible* Away 7:00
Oct. 15 (Thurs) Beaver* Home 7:00
Oct. 23 Tyrone* Home 7:00
Oct. 30 Waynoka* Away 7:00
Nov. 6 Boise City* $ Home 7:00

BROADCAST SCHEDULE:  The Classic Com network is a 25 game package with the network schools.  The 25 events are chosen by the school and Classic Communications. The broadcast schedule is tentative and subject to change do the weather and other conditions.  Tournaments games in basketball are not usually a part of the broadcast schedule do to time restraints, but can be included.  The school can broadcast as many events as they choose above the 25 network games and those events will also be archived.


NOTE:  When necessary low signal games can be replaced with another school broadcast later in the year.